Preparations for 2017

So, once again it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. I’ll say again that my intentions are to post here more often, but I know that that would be me sounding rather like a broken record. I can, however, guarantee that this will be the last post of 2016.

I’ve recently acquired an ABN (Australian Business Number) for Dezonus Productions. This means that I’m now actually allowed by law to charge people for services rendered. What it means for me, is that I’m now able to properly set myself up as a Freelance Web Developer.

I’m currently working on revamping the Dezonus Productions site. As it stands, it makes for a great folio site, but does not at all convey anything about the web development services I will provide (as when it was created, I wasn’t really doing that). So far, I have a really cool design that I’m quite proud of, I’ve just got to figure out a few more things before I code it up.

I’ve currently got a few clients lined up for next year, which is quite exciting. If I can get some momentum going as a Web Developer, that would be fantastic.

As far as that “Ambitious Project” I mentioned in my last post goes, that been put on hold indefinitely. It was a project for a Client, but I’ve been unable to speak to said client in quite some time.

As far as Game Development goes right now, it’s essentially on the back-burner. That said, I am working on fleshing out a concept for a really ambitious game, but the problem as far as I see it is the scope is way out of proportion. Something that requires a bit more thought I think.

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