Galactic Battle League 3015’s Fate

So, as I’ve written about a bit, I worked on a really cool game over the course of 2015. On a team of 9, we made this awesome splitscreen hovertank arena deathmatch game called “Galactic Battle League 3015”, as our final year game project. I was super proud of this, we did really well with it. We had a lot of people at PAX who wanted to buy it, plus intrest from ID@XBOX.

We were at the Swinburne Games Lab Showcase. Most of the team was there, and so we got to discuss where to from here.

Long story short, as we made everything using student/educational versions of software, we’d basically have to start again, and not many of the team members wanted to do that. So, Galactic Battle League will not be going any further.

We’re going to try get a free version put up on the Swinburne Games Lab site, so I’ll definitely link that if that happens.

I was really looking forward to seeing this game go forward, go somewhere at least. I’m really disappointed that this wont ever happen…

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