Galactic Battle League and PAX

So, with not posting here in a while, I realised I haven’t talked about Galactic Battle League yet. I ought to do so.

Galactic Battle League 3015 is a game I’ve been working on all year. I’ve been working on it through Swinburne with a team of 8 other students. It’s the final project I have to do with Swinburne, and let me just say, I’m very excited and proud of it. We have a presskit site here if you’re interested:¬†

It’s a Hovertank Arena Battle Game. It’s got familiar elements from a whole bunch of games, but nothing is quite like it. I personally find it really fun, and most of our playtesters have also really enjoyed it. Currently it’s set to only do 4 player local splitscreen, but that’s all we need for now.


Because we’re taking this to PAX Aus 2015. It’s both extremely exciting, and extremely terrifying. I’ve never actually been to PAX before, and so the first time I’m going to be going to it, I’m going to be exhibiting.

There’s not long left, but I’m pretty confident we’ll be ready when it comes.

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