Little tweaks of satisfaction

So I’d been meaning to add or update something on the site for a while now, but I generally find myself too busy. But today I had a free day, and so I began work again.

I’d noticed for a while that the host had provided pages for 404 errors and the like. Stuff like 401s, 405s 500s etc. as well; they clearly were trying. Anyway, the provided pages had their logo on it, but they were replaceable pages, so I ended up redesigning them a bit to match more. See here Dezonus,com – 401 error page

So I had changed all of them, all the time knowing that the main one of importance was 404, as I haven’t even heard of most of the others. I found a list of well designed 404 pages, and decided I would give it a shot…and here’s what I came up with: 404 Error page

Personally I’m proud of it. I did, however, keep the other 404 page, so if I get sick of it, I can always change it back…

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