An ambitious project

I’ve been working on a pretty ambitious project for a while now. It’s for a client, and I don’t think I’m supposed to talk about what it is. However, what I can say, is this is by far the most ambitious and complicated project that I have ever done. It blows all of my other PHP and SQL projects out of the water.

*Warning: Incoming Nerd-speak*

Up until now, I have avoided Object Oriented Programming, and haven’t had much need for Manually coding SQL interaction. This project, suffice to say that not only have I had to research OOPHP and OOJS, I’ve also had to figure out how to get info from SQL, through PHP, into HTML, and then into Javascript. It’s done my head in for a while, but I’ve cracked it just now, and I must say I’m feeling very proud of myself.

Obviously, with this magnitude of a project, I’m going to write up here, and on my Folio (which has been fleshed out recently) when I’m done. But until then, I need to mostly keep it under wraps.

I’m having fun doing it though.