Getting Nowhere

So, I’ve been job hunting since November, and so far, I’ve gotten nowhere. I’m going to go talk to Swinburne’s careers people later this week, and perhaps that will help, but I’m getting doubtful about it all.

Meanwhile, JTown is having fantastic luck at finding web clients. So, I begin to think, maybe I should tell all these web recruitment people where to shove it, and actually become a legit freelance developer. If the web job recruiters don’t want to hire me, I’ll make them wish that they had. I mean, I do thoroughly enjoy web work, and I do a pretty kick-ass job, so…

Sure, it’s not as good as having a secure income and what not, but I feel like I’m kind of running out of other options.

At any rate, I’m going to do some work on the Dezonus webspace today. It gets a bit neglected with everything else, so it needs it.