I’m alive

So, if you’ve been following my blog, you probably would have noticed that I Have dropped off the Radar for a while. It’s been a matter of: University is back on, and I just haven’t had the time to really do anything for myself. I’ve been unlucky in the fact that I’ve had a pretty full timetable this semester.

Somethings that I have been considering lately is how best to use the Webspace that I have. I don’t have limits on how much I can store, but more it’s a matter of trying to use the webspace in an effective and meaningful way.

I do plan to have a “Dezonus Productions” section, there’s no doubt about that. Dezonus Productions is my brand identity, so it’s only reasonable that it should have a section. In there, I will probably store works that I am proud of, as like a portfolio if you will, as well as having sections for potential clients (once I figure out just what I want to offer).

Another thing that I want to do, possibly stored in the Dezonus Productions section, is create a HTML and CSS tutorial, to help people learn the basics.

The reason I want to do this is that I’ve had numerous HTML teachers throughout my years of Tertiary education, and a lot of them have been terrible. They go on about how many years of industry experience they have…and then can’t even solve basic problems.

HTML is not difficult. In fact, of all the coding I’ve done, it’s been some of the easiest. Yet it honestly seems like they think it’s this ultra hard thing to do, and they haven’t quite figured it out. I honestly don’t think it’d be hard to teach, and I could probably make up a zip containing everything someone would need to be able to do a simple website…

My feeling right now is, once I’m finished for the semester, I should really get stuck into these things. But for the next few weeks (because there’s not that much left), I’m going to have to disappear again.