Concern for Orteil (Cookie Clicker)

My Girlfriend got a Windows Surface the other day. It’s like an Ipad, but Micrsoft brand and running Windows 8. She was showing me some of that Apps that she put on it, and she was showing me how she had gotten Cookie Clicker.

I’m Quite fond of Orteil’s Cookie Clicker. I’ve gotten to the point where you have an absurd amount of Cookies per second (378,118,134,915.8 to be precise, and that’s with the Elder Covenant Invoked), and she has been too after I introduced her to it. However, at a glance, I could tell straight away, This wasn’t Orteil’s Game…

What this was, in fact, was somebody who had copied the concept of Orteil’s work (with a few minor tweaks), copied the name, and then chucked it on the app store. Doing a quick google search, I found that there is also another one for windows phone. Links Below:

I’ve sent a message to Orteil via his blog, I do hope he can at least get them removed from the windows store, as frankly what they are doing is dishonest and unfair. I personally would not have a problem with it if the name wasn’t the same, and the games at least looked different, but these are just blatant copies…

It’s Alive once more

So I finally did it; I finally went and finished the main page of, and it looks spectacular (or at least I think so).

The Red eyes are in their rightful place and state; Huge and ominously glaring from the dark. I’m very proud of how it’s come out.

I know I still have a lot more work to do to make pages for Dezonus Productions and a few other subsites. I’m not even 100% sure what I’m going to put up, I want to have 3 though. I’m thinking Dezonus Produtions, Dezonus Industries (Yeah the Dez-Bot stuff can have their own site), and I’m thinking Dezonus Gaming; A site where I can both write about any games I feel like writing about, as well as have links to my own games.

But all this is to come later, for now, I’m going to enjoy Christmas, as I think I made myself a pretty good Christmas present here.

So It Begins…

If you’re reading this, I would like to do a few things. Firstly, I would like to welcome you to my blog. I’ve never done a blog before, so it’s kind of a scary new frontier for me. I don’t know how well it will go, I don’t even know if anybody will read it, but I’m going to give it a shot anyway. I’m not even sure what exactly I’ll write here. I don’t intend to use this like people use Facebook; that is, posting random links to articles/YouTube/whatever else they think is cool in that moment. I do intend to make this space meaningful, but this will likely also mean that postings are infrequent. I’ll likely post about significant thoughts and updates to any games that I end up releasing

The second thing I would like to do, is thank you for reading this. I hope that you’ll check in from time to time, and I have no doubt there’s a way to subscribe, but of course that’s all up to you.

I’m hoping to have at least part of up and running soon, however it’s quite likely that people wont see this before then…