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Galactic Battle League 3015’s Fate

So, as I’ve written about a bit, I worked on a really cool game over the course of 2015. On a team of 9, we made this awesome splitscreen hovertank arena deathmatch game called “Galactic Battle League 3015”, as our final year game project. I was super proud of this, we did really well with it. We had a lot of people at PAX who wanted to buy it, plus intrest from ID@XBOX.

We were at the Swinburne Games Lab Showcase. Most of the team was there, and so we got to discuss where to from here.

Long story short, as we made everything using student/educational versions of software, we’d basically have to start again, and not many of the team members wanted to do that. So, Galactic Battle League will not be going any further.

We’re going to try get a free version put up on the Swinburne Games Lab site, so I’ll definitely link that if that happens.

I was really looking forward to seeing this game go forward, go somewhere at least. I’m really disappointed that this wont ever happen…

Rather late follow up

Again I didn’t manage to post anything in quite some time. Whoops. With a bit of luck, this shouldn’t happen so much any more, but I’ve said that a few too many times.

So, PAX Aus and GBL. PAX was huge, a really awesome sea of lights, gamers, games and merch. I ended up buying a Portal Gun and a Sennheiser gaming headset. But as far as the stands went, there weren’t all that many that interested me. As I wasn’t die hard on Fallout, or Battlefront, or Wargaming (World of Tanks and the like), they were sort of the biggest attraction. That, and stands giving away stuff. But, mostly, I was there for GBL.

So, we had lots of people come up and play Galactic Battle League. A lot of them wanted to buy it, but sadly we’re not at a stage where we’re ready to sell it. We also had a guy from ID@XBOX come up and have a chat with us (me, actually, as I was minding the stand at the time). He thought it was a pretty cool game, and encouraged that if we get set up to get in touch with them to potentially get it on Xbox One. That was pretty damn exciting! We also found an image gallery put out by Kotaku, that was basically a “Highlight of PAX Aus” sort of thing, and that our game was one of the pictures.

So we have ourselves a pretty damn cool game. Combine that with the fact we got a Distinction on our assessment, this project certainly has some ambition.

The only problem now, is sorting out everyone to sit down and have a chat about it. Because, I’d really hate to see all this effort  and interest end up going no further.

There’s a Swinburne Games Lab Showcase coming up next week though. With a bit of luck we might just be able to have our chat then…

Galactic Battle League and PAX

So, with not posting here in a while, I realised I haven’t talked about Galactic Battle League yet. I ought to do so.

Galactic Battle League 3015 is a game I’ve been working on all year. I’ve been working on it through Swinburne with a team of 8 other students. It’s the final project I have to do with Swinburne, and let me just say, I’m very excited and proud of it. We have a presskit site here if you’re interested:

It’s a Hovertank Arena Battle Game. It’s got familiar elements from a whole bunch of games, but nothing is quite like it. I personally find it really fun, and most of our playtesters have also really enjoyed it. Currently it’s set to only do 4 player local splitscreen, but that’s all we need for now.


Because we’re taking this to PAX Aus 2015. It’s both extremely exciting, and extremely terrifying. I’ve never actually been to PAX before, and so the first time I’m going to be going to it, I’m going to be exhibiting.

There’s not long left, but I’m pretty confident we’ll be ready when it comes.